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Product Image Geckotek magnetic HT print surface

Geckotek magnetic HT print surface





If you are tired of applying annoying tape and messy glue to your 3D printer in order to keep the parts attached during printing, then GeckoTek Build Plates are for you!

This new retro fit kit for the Duplicator 4 is a great all round kit which makes it easier to get your prints to stick down to the bed, and thanks to the flexible and removable surface, super easy to remove the print itself. This is a fantastic additional to all Duplicator 4s and is a worthy upgrade.

The system works by removing the original top plate from your build platform (see guide in the link below) and fitting the supplied magnetic plate. This bolts back down to the original position for factory fit quality. To this you simply place the HT build surface plate onto the magnets which hold the print surface in place solidly. This simple set-up works great and is beneficial in every way. No need to spend money on sticking aids any more, no clips to hold the plate down or get in the way of extruders.

Replacement print surfaces are available separately should you want to replace these in the future.


For the fitting of the plate see HERE